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30 Years Blue Monday Blues Jam

30 Years Blue Monday Blues Jam

Die CD zum 30jährigen Bestehen der Blue Monday Blues Jam mit allem, was in der Osnabrücker Szene Rang und Namen hat.


  1. Jammin‘ On A Monday Night
  2. Bootje Woohtje Baby
  3. Experienced Loser
  4. I Got A Feeling
  5. Bright Girl
  6. Bern’s Blues
  7. Down At The Blues Jam
  8. California Smooth Breeze
  9. Another Glass Of Wine
  10. Stagger Lee Revisited
  11. Bone Cracking Blues
  12. Found A New Woman
  13. Playing The Blues On A Monday Night
  14. If I Ever Get Lucky
  15. Put That Bottle Down
  16. Hey Sweet Mama
  17. Every Time I Open My Mouth, People Kick Me Out
  18. Rainer’s C-Moll Swing
  19. No More Walking In The Rain

featuring Chris Rannenberg, Angela Brown, Kai Strauss, Toscho Todorovic, Tommy Schneller, Jimmy Reiter uvm.

Produziert von Udo Hartmann.